Image sensor

Image sensor is a very important technology, such as tof sensor, 3D camera, etc. These technologies can be widely used in various fields from web cameras, smart phones to autonomous vehicles and industrial inspections etc.

3d ToF camera,ToF camera

DOMI 3D ToF camera sensor can be used to measure distance and volume, as well as for object scanning, indoor navigation, obstacle avoidance, gesture recognition, object tracking, and reactive altimeters.

wearable devices

If someone "talks to himself" while walking, 80% of them are talking on the phone while wearing a TWS headset; if someone keeps raising their hands to look at the watch, it is not necessarily looking at the time, but may be measuring heart rate and blood oxygen.

ToF module

In the future,CMOS image sensor provider DOMI will launch the IoT series of 3 million pixel image sensors. for IoT applications and high-performance IoT devices. Compared with the previous generation product, its sensitivity has been greatly increased by 10%.

tof sensor

DOMI has created a good development situation of multiple product lines represented by intelligent audio, 3D vision, optical sensing and tactile perception.

tof sensor,3D imaging

In the field of consumer electronics, there are three main categories of 3D imaging and sensing modules: stereo vision, structured light, and time of flight (ToF)


VCSEL,Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser,The main structure of VCSEL is composed of two distributed Bragg reflectors (DBR) of p-type and n-type and the active area in the middle.

Tof sensor

In the past ten years, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been widely recognized and deployed, mainly because sensors have become smarter, machine learning has been developed and applied rapidly, WiFi, Bluetooth and other wireless communications have become popular, as well as cloud storage and computing technologies

Internet of Things sensors

With economic development and the improvement of people’s living standards, the Internet of Things sensors have played an important and active role in smart homes and smart management of communities where people live.

IoT sensors

At present, scenarios such as smart manufacturing, smart factories, smart homes, and smart medical care make the IOT sensors shine.