Introducing the latest addition to our product lineup - ToF camera DMOE2008BL, Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, What sets DMOE2008BL ToF camera apart is its advanced components - an image sensor, VCSEL driver, and ToF ISP.

ToF camera

ToF camera DMOM2508CL is perfect for a variety of applications such as AR/VR,People counting and motion analysis, Face recognition and face motion tracking and more. Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to integrate into terminal system.

ToF camera

DOMI cutting-edge ToF camera DMOM2501A, the next generation of imaging technology.With advanced time-of-flight sensing and VCSEL illumination, this Time-of-Flight camera delivers unparalleled depth accuracy and exceptional image quality in a compact form factor.

ToF camera DM_PS2601-VGA is based on ToF 3D technology,embedded with deep learning algorithm and edge computation terminal.

ToF camera DM_PS2601-VGA

DMOE2008BL is a series of 3D ToF cameras, based on DOMI platform. This platform consists of image sensor,VCSEL driver, ToF ISP and all of them are developed by DOMI.

3D ToF Camera

DMOM2808D tof module energy-efficient, real time depth sensing technology works both indoors and outside.

tof module

DMOM2501A is a tiny 3D camera module, based on Time-ofFlight (ToF) technology using VCSEL illumination. The high integration, low power consumption and high precision make this module ideal for depth sensing applications.

3D TOF Camera Module DMOM2501A

DMOM2508CL is suitable for the outdoor application,with the projector wavelength 940nm,FOV72*55°,320*240 pixel resolution.Raw12 format data output via 2 lanes MIPI interface.Also all the DOMI MIPI modules can be connected to DM3006A (ISP module),that will output depth data,IR data and pointcloud directly via USB3.0 interface. The module now is largely applied in the field of robot gesture recognition,obstacle avoidance,access control & door locks,etc.

tof sensor module