Application Scenarios

DOMI ToF sensor technology will allow you to solve the problem in the field of complex robotics, communications, monitoring and IoT,etc. Our plug and play sensors and modular interfaces are perfect for rapid prototyping and fast application development.

Service Robot

DOMI 3D TOF sensors can be utilized in a range of applications, including robot navigation,obstacle avoidance and so on.

Face Recognition

DOMI 3D TOF camera technology improves face recognition accuracy and security.


ToF sensors can help UAV to hold altitude, follow terrain, avoid obstacle etc.

Smart Home

DOMI 3D TOF sensor increases the measurement frequency, reduces blind zone with wider FOV´╝îimproves accuracy and stability, is ideal for smart home application.

Volume Measurement

Tof sensor can be applied to volume measurement due to its high accuracy.

Gesture Recognition

Build applications to recognize gestures and capture movement with our and cost-effective, convenient and high-precision tof sensors.