3D ToF camera is the first choice for depth measurement

For applications that require real-time depth mapping, ToF technology is becoming more and more popular. Application cases include industrial security and automation, autonomous driving, substance detection and classification, virtual and augmented reality, and drones. Now, happy to see the adoption of ToF technology in the field of consumer medical products.

ToF sensor technology can accurately project controlled laser light that lasts only a few nanoseconds. These laser lights are then reflected from the scene to the high-resolution image sensor, which can give a depth estimate for each pixel in this image matrix. ToF cameras have become the preferred method of depth measurement due to their smaller size, wider dynamic sensing range and ability to work in a variety of environments. DOMI is designing, producing and selling a new product series, including 3D ToF camera, laser driver, software and hardware-based depth system, these products will provide the market's excellent depth resolution, accuracy can reach the millimeter level. These products will provide leading solutions for a wide range of audiences in the fields of Industry 4.0, automobiles, games, augmented reality, computational photography and videography.

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