A device that uses TOF technology to image is called a TOF camera (or TOF camera) The TOF camera has similarities with the ordinary machine vision imaging process. It is composed of a light source, an optical component, a sensor (TOF chip), and a control circuit. > and several components such as processing circuits.

tof sensor for AR & VR

The implementation of ToF sensors in 3D cameras will boost the ToF sensor market growth for AR and VR applications. Additionally, the use of AR heads-up displays (HUDs) in automobiles ensures comfortable and safe driving.

tof sensor for Accurate Distance Sensing

After the camera modules that record photo and video, it’s tof sensors to change the life. From smartphones to cars, their ability to measure distance to objects could become essential.

tof sensor for various application

Measurement range of the DMOE2008A is 0.2-5m,unaffected by the target color or reflectance, unlike conventional infrared sensors.the product designers to introduce powerful new functions into the product,such as enabling occupancy detectors to provide error-free sensing by ignoring unwanted background or foreground objects, or reporting the exact distances to multiple targets within the sensor’s field-of-view.

tof sensor in phone

Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo predicted yesterday that all three 2020 iPhone will have 5G capabilities. However, that was not the only prediction. Kuo says that two of the 2020 iPhones, probably the flagships (11s and 11s Max) will be getting ToF sensors on the back.

tof sensor

In the comparison of ToF, binocular and structured light,the biggest advantage of ToF is distance measurement. Its depth calculation accuracy does not change with distance. It can basically be maintained at the centimeter level. In scenes that include a large range of motion, The applicability of ToF sensor is very high.

DM2001 Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor for object recognition

DM2001 Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor for 3D sensing is one key product of DOMI ToF solutions,Enables Highly Accurate Range Finding Performance from Near to Far Distances.

tof sensor module application

As we know 3D Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology is revolutionizing the machine vision industry by providing 3D imaging using a low-cost CMOS pixel array together with an active modulated light source.

tof sensor technology

DOMI offers an expansive range of sensor modules and solutions for some of the most cutting-edge fields on the market, from robotics to industry and IoT applications.

Difference between Tof camera and binocular stereo camera

ToF is a technique of calculating the distance between camera and the object, by measuring the time it takes the projected infrared light to travel from the camera, bounced off the object surface,