3D ToF camera

For applications that require real-time depth mapping, ToF technology is becoming more and more popular. Application cases include industrial security and automation

Tof module

Thinking about a robot assistant moving around an airport. Help passengers check in, find their boarding gate, and get flight details.

Tof sensing technology

With the abundance of smart phones, wearable devices, sports cameras and other products, Tof sensing technology will further expand the application opportunities that must have environmental awareness.

Miniature tof sensor module

Compared with today, the life of patients in ten years will be very different. Smartphones and wearable devices will not only be used for taking pictures and sending information. They will help us stay healthy.

3D machine vision

In the field of industrial manufacturing, machine vision is mainly for semiconductor and electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, food and packaging, biopharmaceutical and other industries, and realizes defect detection, size measurement, pattern recognition, navigation and positioning and other functions,

ToF camer module

ToF can be divided into iToF (indirect time of flight) and dToF (direct time of flight). The principle difference between dToF and iToF is mainly the difference between emitted and reflected light.

 tof camera module

3D tof camera different from 2D camera,ToF cameras have all the advantages, including sunlight interference, light change interference, privacy, effective distance, depth accuracy, and volume.

 ToF module

AR solution enriches the real environment through high-value digital data, helping people to travel more conveniently and safely in daily life, business and leisure activities, especially in the road environment.

CMOS sensor

Food safety and quality control issues have attracted more and more attention. In order to meet the needs of the growing population, the food supply will need to be doubled, which puts tremendous pressure on the food industry as it will strive to meet the increasing demand for high-quality food.

health monitoring sensors

In addition to 3D tof module products, DOMI product line will also involve sensor products that monitor health in the future, such as continuously monitoring heart rate, blood oxygen, electrocardiogram and other physical conditions to protect users' exercise and health.