RGB Camera

DOMI latest generation of RGB Camera DM-RGBD-5003A, based on ToF sensor technology, improves the efficiency of light collection and ranging processing speed, resulting in accurate and stable high-performance depth data.

 ToF camera

DOMI launched the ultra-small size ToF camera DM_DTOF2002C0, which is compact in size. Based on the principle of time-of-flight ranging, it emits near-infrared light through the built-in VCSEL light source. time to calculate distance information. It is mainly used for short-range precise ranging, such as robot vacuum, service robots, etc., to detect the distance of surrounding objects, walls or ground, and realize functions such as obstacle avoidance, wall detection, and cliff detection.

ToF sensor

DOMI ToF sensor module is very suitable for robot vacuum. Other applications: Smart door locks, face payment, home entertainment and other applications require a field of view angle of about 30° and a pixel of 100 x 100 or more to effectively identify facial information. A ToF sensor with a resolution of QVGA suffices. It is mainly used in advertising machines in elevators, service robots, obstacle avoidance and fall prevention, etc. If you have the needs of the above applications, please consult DOMI.

3D ToF Camera

DOMI camera has developed RGB camera DM-RGBD-5003A, Binocular face Recognition Module DM_SV001_F1, 3D ToF Camera DMOE2008BL and other models for face recognition, Various technical solutions for robot autonomous obstacle avoidance, smart door locks, gesture recognition and other applications

ToF camera

In general, for 2D recognition technology that did not have depth information before, ToF camera can greatly increase the recognition dimension and improve the security, comprehensiveness and accuracy of recognition.

ToF camera

DOMI focuses on improving the robustness of ToF-based technologies against external influences such as sunlight or other interfering light sources. Therefore, the new ToF camera shows excellent and cutting-edge performance even in harsh conditions.

ToF camera

ToF camera DM-RGBD-5003A has strong anti-interference ability to ambient light, and can achieve long-distance detection of 5 meters; high accuracy and small size (size 79mm * 35mm * 15.7mm) A smaller ToF camera module.

ToF cameras

In addition to mobile phones, ToF camera is also widely used in robot vacuum obstacle avoidance, projector assisted focusing, camera assisted focusing, smart lamps, smart bathrooms such as automatic faucets, automatic soap dispensers, smart toilets, robots, drones and many other fields.

ToF Camera

DOMI has many years of experience in in-depth vision development, and can select ToF camera modules according to application requirements to obtain high-quality point cloud data

ToF camera

DMOS5030A/5031A is an all-in-one ToF camera with high precision, after being applied to smart projectors. Whenever the projector is turned on, the distance between the projector and the screen is quickly measured, and the projector adjusts the focusing lens accordingly based on the distance information.