RGB-D cameras

RGB-D cameras, which combine RGB (Red Green Blue) imaging with depth sensing, are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of applications.

ToF camera

ToF camera is a small and lightweight piece of equipment with integrated optics and electronics, which can help various robots and smart devices to efficiently perform mid-to-long-distance navigation and obstacle avoidance. It uses passive infrared (PIR) sensing technology, which does not require light or power supply for operation.

ToF camera for various robots

ToF camera DMOM2000 series is a product line based on ToF technology launched by DOMI. It has the advantages of stronger light adaptability and higher ranging accuracy at medium and long distances. It can be used for mobile robots (AGV/AMR) in indoor and outdoor lighting environments.

ToF camera

These two industrial ToF cameras from DOMI, through refined design, have the characteristics of VGA resolution, high reliability, firm interface, and large working range, ensuring high-quality products to serve industries such as robotics, industrial automation, smart logistics, and behavior monitoring.

ToF camera

DOMI will release a ToF camera for industrial applications in the future. As an upgraded version of the DOMI500 series, it will balance frequency-accuracy-distance performance from the system design level. The maximum working distance will be increased from 4.1m to 10m. It has achieved essential breakthroughs in both performance and practicality.

3D ToF camera

For scenes that require instantaneous image capture of dynamic objects, DOMI ToF cameras have obvious advantages, not only stable edge data, good real-time transmission, but also strong adaptability to changes in the external lighting environment, no matter in the dark or in a workshop with strong light It can work normally without additional shading treatment.

ToF camera

TOF cameras usually use the time-of-flight method in distance measurement. Distance measurement through light beams can easily record data, so the advantages in actual use are still very obvious.

ToF camera

ToF camera DMOM2808F High-precision data output, can output point cloud, depth, IR image, IMU data, can be used for attitude detection, object recognition, depth measurement, etc. Welcome to consult.

TOF sensor

DOMI new TOF sensor DOMI2001D combines the advantages of high-performance proximity sensors, excellent short-distance linearity, and ranging capabilities up to 5 m. With unique algorithms and ingenious module construction, TOF sensor DOMI2001D can also detect through depth recognition Different objects within the Field-of View.

3D ToF Camera

DOMI 3D ToF camera 5002A, VGA depth resolution + RGB image resolution, can achieve depth perception up to 5m, industrial protection level, and can help customers expand more 3D application scenarios efficiently in practical applications.