ToF camera

ToF camera DMOM2808F High-precision data output, can output point cloud, depth, IR image, IMU data, can be used for attitude detection, object recognition, depth measurement, etc. Welcome to consult.

TOF sensor

DOMI new TOF sensor DOMI2001D combines the advantages of high-performance proximity sensors, excellent short-distance linearity, and ranging capabilities up to 5 m. With unique algorithms and ingenious module construction, TOF sensor DOMI2001D can also detect through depth recognition Different objects within the Field-of View.

3D ToF Camera

DOMI 3D ToF camera 5002A, VGA depth resolution + RGB image resolution, can achieve depth perception up to 5m, industrial protection level, and can help customers expand more 3D application scenarios efficiently in practical applications.

ToF camera

DOMI comprehensive 3D product line provides RGB-D solutions. In addition to two wavelength versions (850 nm and 940 nm), DOMI ToF camera product line also includes RGB-D solutions for true color 3D imaging, which can integrate ToF cameras The depth data of the space is combined with the RGB data of the color camera, a

3D ToF camera

D ToF camera DM-RGBD-5003A is equipped with 940nm VCSEL laser + high-sensitivity sensor, which has better anti-environmental light ability, meets outdoor/strong light scenes, enhances the image signal processing (ISP) function, and can work on multiple machines at the same time.

3D ToF camera

3D ToF camera DM-RGBD-5003A is compact and light, and can help various robots and smart devices to efficiently perform mid-to-long-distance navigation obstacle avoidance and target object positioning recognition and intelligent interaction in real environments.

3D TOF cameras

The advantages of TOF cameras are high precision, excellent detection capabilities for small objects, and accurate mapping in complex environments.

ToF camera

ToF camera DM_PS2601-VGA can be used to detect more severe and complex scenes of people counting, and has been applied in batches in many fields. It is a ToF camera for people counting that integrates high performance, high security, and high reliability

ToF sensor

In addition to short-range applications, ToF sensor is also very suitable for long-distance detection, which makes its application scenarios wider, whether it is placed in front of or behind the mobile phone. So far, structured light is only used for face recognition, and there is no mobile phone that uses structured light for rear. In contrast, ToF sensor may be better.

ToF camera

From the technical principle of the ToF camera that the fineness of the "light spot" largely determines the fineness of the 3D reconstruction. Therefore,More "fine" the technical solution, Better security of the smart door lock.