ToF camera

DOMI ToF camera can be perfectly applied to the field of face recognition smart door locks. DOMI has rich experience in the field of 3D visual perception technology. The software and hardware of the 3D face recognition door lock solutions provided are independently developed

3D face recognition module

DMOM2508CL is a face recognition module based on 3D ToF technology, which has the characteristics of high recognition accuracy, low power consumption, fast startup speed and small size. The module integrates an algorithm board, a high-precision 3D TOF module with a resolution of 320*240, and the algorithm board can be connected to the door lock main control board through serial communication to form a complete face recognition door lock. It can be applied to scenes with high-precision face recognition requirements such as families and companies.

 face recognition

DOMI DM_SV001_M7 is a face recognition module custom-developed for the smart door lock industry. It aims to empower the smart door lock industry with AI.

ToF camera

Face recognition smart door lock integrates the DOMI low-power ToF chip, and relies on the DOMI 3D face recognition algorithm to provide door lock manufacturers with an integrated software and hardware solution, which can realize face entry, face detection, face verification, living body detection and other functions.

ToF cameras

DOMI ToF cameras, including DM_RGBD_5002A, DMOM2808D, DMOS5030A/5031A and DMOM2501A, can meet these needs and have been widely used in various industries, such as face recognition for smart lock, people counting and smart home, etc.

ToF camera

For robot obstacle avoidance and navigation, high-reliability depth data is very important, and DOMI tof camera can provide modules with a wide range of 20 cm to 5 meters in this aspect, and supports wide dynamic range in distance, which can It is understood that on a depth map, it is ensured that be seen clearly at a long distance.

ToF camera

DM_RGBD_5002A ToF camera is easy to install. It can be used in shopping malls, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, vehicles and other scenarios to accurately count the number of people without violating privacy.

ToF camera

DOMI latest ToF camera smart door lock solution is equipped with VGA ToF face recognition, in which the hardware uses a VGA resolution ToF camera module, which helps the solution to achieve a higher level of security in terms of safety factor.

ToF camera

DM_RGBD_5002A is a tof camera with face recognition, gesture recognition, skeleton recognition, 3D measurement, and Slam. By satisfying multi-scene applications, excellent 3D visual perception technology and AR technology can bring users the ultimate experience

ToF sensor

Smartphone is equipped with a tof sensor, and through this lens, a 3D model that is different from the past is constructed, which makes AR (Augmented Reality) more realistic and greatly improves the user experience. Although the mobile apps on the market that combine virtual images with the real environment are all practiced through AR, it is inevitable that there will be a problem of proportional distortion, and ToF sensor technology will be able to improve this problem.