ToF sensor

DOMI ToF sensors can be perfectly integrated into new high-end smart door lock designs. ToF sensors can improve the object recognition ability of smart door locks, while extending the battery life of smart locks. ToF sensors enable facial recognition applications in smart door locks.

3D depth camera

Recently, DOMI released self-developed machine vision depth camera module, which is mainly composed of iToF module, RGB module, and the product has high accuracy within the measurement range, has a wide range of application scenarios, and meets laser safety standards.

ToF camera

DOMI continues to launch new ToF camera products, which can be widely used in various fields. The latest ToF camera supports wear detection, press detection, touch detection, body temperature detection, proximity sensing and other rich functions, and continues to be used in smart accessories represented by AR and VR

ToF sensor

ToF sensor can output IR image while outputting depth image, which is equivalent to adding radar effect to 3D image. At the same time, there are also ToF camera products that combine RGB, RGB image and depth image are output synchronously, and there will be many in-depth applications in the future.

ToF sensor

Many applications require sensing the presence or distance of an object without touching the actual object. This need for proximity sensing has prompted numerous competing solutions, including optical time-of-flight (ToF) sensors. ToF sensors are compact and easy to install, it with excellent accuracy for a wide range of applications. Perfect application for proximity sensing solutions.

3D ToF camera

ToF camera is a technology that realizes 3D imaging. Compared with lidar, the technology of each component of ToF camera module is more mature and can be supplied in batches. Therefore, the supply of ToF camera module is more stable.

ToF cameras

It is well known that ToF cameras have a wide range of application scenarios. DOMI latest ToF cameras can be perfectly applied to passenger flow statistics, machine vision,and unmanned retail.

ToF camera

What are the working conditions of the ToF camera? Advantage of a ToF camera is that it works well even with little or no light, in fact ToF is considered an "active" imaging technology, so it doesn't require any An external light source to scan the surrounding environment, such as a stereo camera, is a passive imaging technology.

ToF module

DOMI will launch a ToF module for smart speakers. The ToF module outputs the x, y, and z three-axis spatial coordinates of the human head relative to the sound. After the smart speaker applies this ToF module, it can accurately locate the sound to create a more realistic and finer sound quality,

people counting sensor

Based on the high accuracy of the DOMI tof camera people counting solution, when customers use it on buses, it can help analyze the flow of people at different platforms and different time periods and different trains, and use the data to adjust the departure time; When crossing the gate, it can also analyze the flow of people in different time periods, so as to take corresponding promotion or security measures.