ToF camera

ToF camera is used in the industrial field and can realize many machine vision functions, such as measurement functions. ToF camera can automatically measure the appearance size of the product, such as the measurement of the outline, aperture, height, area and other dimensions.

ToF camera

We use vision to see the world. About 80% of the information that people obtain from the outside world is obtained visually. use of tof camera for 3D machine vision is a way for machines to perceive visual information. There have been many cases of tof camera applied to 3D machine vision. use of tof camera can improve the practical application of products.

ToF camera

There are many cases where tof camera is used in the field of machine vision, such as robot vacuum, food delivery robots, industrial robots, etc. tof camera can convert image signals into digital signals; the image processing system performs various operations on these signals to extract the target's features, such as area, quantity, width, height, etc.

tof camera

With the continuous development of science and technology, face recognition technology has been widely used in many fields such as finance, security, inspection, education, and medical care. At the same time, it also ushered in the transformation from two-dimensional to three-dimensional. Compared with 2D face recognition, the advantages of 3D face recognition using tof camera are more obvious.

3D depth camera

Combination of 3D depth camera and 3D printer technology can make data real and bring convenience to scientific research, data analysis, and our life. It is to scan the spatial shape, structure and color of the object to obtain the spatial coordinates of the object surface. Its significance lies in the ability to convert the three-dimensional information of the object into data that the computer can directly process.

ToF camera

With the gradual development of machine vision, automatic driving and other technologies, there are more and more applications related to object recognition, behavior recognition, and scene modeling using tof cameras. It can be said that tof cameras are the eyes of terminals and robots.

ToF cameras

ToF camera technology enables machines to go beyond simple 2D images and explore the third dimension, enabling depth perception and better object recognition. Compared to other 3D machine vision techniques, ToF is faster, and its ability to generate real-time depth information means a wide variety of applications. These include:

ToF sensor

ToF sensor solution has good privacy protection capability and is an ideal choice for passenger flow statistics applications.

ToF depth camera

What are the application scenarios of ToF depth camera? Due to the wide range of applications of ToF depth cameras, we focus on several specific application scenarios, such as the following scenarios:

ToF sensor

ToF sensor is used in the single-piece separation system, which can automatically separate, pull the distance and intelligently queue the mixed packages before the packages enter various automated sorting lines, so that the messy packages can be turned into single pieces according to the specified distance.