ToF camera

ToF camera technology route uniquely combines high-resolution depth and amplitude (grayscale) mapping to meet the needs of many interior sensing applications. Classification based on 3D depth differences without the need for color or grayscale contrast between the foreground and background enables identification of people and objects in many complex applications.

tof camera

Application of ToF cameras to smartphones can turn complex background blurs into simple color blocks, bringing more dreamy effects and making photos more artistic; for photography enthusiasts, background blur is indispensable in many scenes. Blur the picture to make the subject stand out more, separate it from the background, and let the audience focus on the subject.

ToF camera

Compared with the previous 3D ToF image sensor, the newly launched DOMI ToF camera is specially optimized to solve the pain point of power consumption, thereby enhancing the photo effect and AR function. Improved accuracy compared to previous generations

ToF sensor

DM_DTOF2002C0 ToF sensor is such a short-range ranging sensor that can be used indoors and outdoors. It has the characteristics of high precision, small size, stable ranging, and low power consumption. It is suitable for smartphones, tablets, robots, AR/ VR equipment, smart door locks, smart bathrooms and other scenarios can realize camera-assisted focusing, energy saving, obstacle avoidance, presence detection and other functions.

ToF sensor

DOMI has developed a number of ToF sensor series, DM_DTOF2002C0/DM-RGBD-5001A/DMOM2808D, covering the resolution range of 100x100, 320x240 (QVGA), 640x480 (VGA), and the frame rate can be 10/30/60 FPS. DOMI uses its own pulsed hybrid ToF technology on these ToF sensors.

ToF camera can achieve very efficient image processing, so the beautification effect can also be applied to the smartphone camera function in real time. In conclusion, in a properly designed 3D camera system, the ToF camera ensures reliable performance in all ambient light conditions, whether in strong sunlight, in the dark, or in buildings or cars work.

ToF sensor

DOMI DMOM2808D ToF sensor specially designed for mobile consumer applications. The perfect combination of size, cost performance and power of DOMI's new 3D ToF sensor makes the DOMO tof sensor chip the solution of choice for 3D sensing applications in mobile devices.

3D ToF sensor

DOMI has developed a number of 3D ToF sensors, which have been used in various smartphones, AR devices, smart homes, industrial cameras, and more.

tof sensor

Using DOMI tof sensor technology to realize 3D visual recognition system, compared with structured light, it can achieve a farther dynamic detection range. Compared with binocular camera, it does not worry about the interference of natural light, which has become the preferred choice for home space detection applications

Compared with other distance sensors such as ultrasonic or laser, ToF camera can quickly synthesize a 3D image of the scene. Not only that, the ToF camera can detect objects accurately in a short time and is not affected by humidity, air pressure and temperature.