3D ToF Camera

This article introduces a solution based on a 3D ToF camera. 3D ToF camera is an ideal device for people counting and has privacy protection functions.

ToF sensor

DOMI has experience in ToF sensor technology and solutions, successful application experience for the automation, robotics, automotive and monitoring industries, welcome to inquire and understand.

ToF camera

Selection of ToF cameras is closely related to the application scenarios, and there are great differences in different application scenarios.when choosing a ToF camera module. Generally, the following factors should be considered when choosing a ToF camera module:

ToF camera

ToF camera has gradually become the preferred technical solution for depth sensing. Under the huge thrust of combining high-resolution depth data with powerful classification algorithms and AI, 3D depth sensing ToF technology is unlocking more new application directions.

RGB-D ToF camera

RGB-D ToF camera supports the identification and disassembly of packages/goods of mixed sizes.Suitable for dark and outdoor environments, not affected by ambient light. DOMI RGB-D ToF Camera Features:

ToF camera

DOMI has many years of experience in the ToF camera industry, and has launched a number of ToF product series and more than 20 product models to meet the diverse needs of more industries and different customers. DOMI has reached high standards in terms of R&D strength, product delivery, quality control and service capabilities. welcome to consult.

ToF camera

DOMI ToF sensor can be applied to the functional interaction between PC hardware and operating system, using ToF camera to wake up from proximity and leave lock function, allowing users to control PC applications without touching the screen, keyboard or mouse, while maximizing battery power savings.

ToF sensor

Measurement methods adopted by the ToF sensor currently mainly include continuous wave CW and pulse. Regardless of the technical system, continuous wave CW and pulsed require consideration of measurement distance, system environment, accuracy requirements, power consumption and size.

ToF cameras

DOMI has continued to develop 3D vision hardware application technology for many years, providing multi-industry integrators with industrial-grade vision hardware and software solutions with excellent performance, extreme cost performance, and high stability. Welcome to consult.

3D ToF camera

DM_RGBD_5002A launched this time is DOMI second 3D ToF camera after shipped in large quantities in actual projects of customers in many industries with its market positioning of high cost performance and medium distance (within 5m). Since its launch last year, the 5001A has been widely recognized by the market.