ToF camera

DOMI ToF camera module is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used as a ranging tool for distance monitoring, robot obstacle avoidance, path planning, etc. It can also be used for drone height determination, ceiling detection and other fields.

ToF camera

DOMI provides a reliable, compact and cost-effective solution.latest ToF camera for people counting, DM_PS2601-VGA, provides 98% or higher accuracy. Has the ability to count multiple people entering or leaving a room, and can reject stationary objects and background features for highly accurate tracking. Welcome to consult.

ToF sensor

ToF sensor has a wide range of applications, DOMI tof sensor can achieve the following applications in industrial environment

3D ToF camera

DOMI 5002A 3D ToF camera is a perfect solution for the logistics industry. 5002A is an industrial ToF camera launched by DOMI that can output color images and depth images at the same time.

ToF sensors

ToF sensor: working principle is to continuously send light pulses to the target, and then use the sensor to receive the light returned from the object, and obtain the target object distance by detecting the flight time of these emitted and received light pulses. It is mainly divided into iToF (indirect) and dToF (direct).

ToF Sensor

ToF Sensor is used for face recognition. The application of smart door locks is mainly in two aspects, one is to detection , and the other is to awakening of the face recognition system.

TOF camera

TOF camera algorithm is simple, not affected by illumination changes and object textures, and has many advantages such as high resolution and relatively low power consumption, and is more suitable for close-range face recognition. Scenarios such as smartphones and smart door locks have great potential and are ideal solutions for face recognition applications.

3D ToF Camera

This article introduces a solution based on a 3D ToF camera. 3D ToF camera is an ideal device for people counting and has privacy protection functions.

ToF sensor

DOMI has experience in ToF sensor technology and solutions, successful application experience for the automation, robotics, automotive and monitoring industries, welcome to inquire and understand.

ToF camera

Selection of ToF cameras is closely related to the application scenarios, and there are great differences in different application scenarios.when choosing a ToF camera module. Generally, the following factors should be considered when choosing a ToF camera module: