TOF sensor

Time-of-flight (ToF) cameras have gained attention as the depth sensing method of choice for its smaller form factor, wide dynamic range of sensing, and its ability to operate in a variety of environments

TOF sensor market

Time-of-flight (or TOF) sensors became a hallmark of flagship phones as of 2018.

TOF Sensor DMOE2001B

DOMI announced today to have developed a time-of-flight (TOF) EVK DMOE2001B,that is capable of acquiring highly accurate 3D information in accordance with the position of objects from near to far places at distances up to 5m.

Tof camera sensor

Frist we need to know what can a time-of-flight camera do? Object scanning, indoor navigation, gesture recognition Also helps with 3D imaging and improving AR experiences Theoretically, it can better blur backgrounds in 'portrait mode'

DOMI TOF sensor

DOMI TOF sensor is widely used in many applications. Today we will know the TOF sensor how to application for UAV & DRONE.