Depth camera DM-RGBD-5001A can be used in a wide range of applications that require highly accurate and detailed sensing, such as augmented reality, robotics, and computer vision.

Depth Camera

Depth camera DM-RGBD-5003A with unique optical technology in this camera system includes advanced sensors and lenses, as well as sophisticated algorithms for processing the captured data

DM-RGBD-5003A is a depth+RGB camera based on ToF technology to measure the distance. The system consists of 940nmVCSEL , Driver IC,ToF sensor,RGB sensor and main processor,etc.

Depth camera

DM_RGBD_5002A consists of a high performace VGA ToF and a RGB sensor.High integration,low power consumption,high precision and easy use,makes it ideal for 3D depth sensing applications.

RGB sensor

DM-RGBD-5001A with 70,000 pixel ToF sensor and 2 million pixel photosensitive RGB image sensor.

RGBD camera module,tof sensor

DM_DTOF2002C0 TOF sensor can determine the distance between the sensor and the target with a high level of is also highly versatile, with the ability to operate at varying distances and angles.

TOF sensor

The high performance DM_DTOF2002C0 is a cost effective short distance ToF sensor. Best-in-class distance measurement performance to a wide range of applications

Tof sensor,proximity sensor module

DMOS5030A/5031A consists of a high performance ToF sensing sub-system and a ToF processor DM3602 ,it is ideal for IoT applications.

 3D ToF(Time-of-Flight for IoT applications.

DMOS5020 is an all-in-one system level solution for ranger array applications. It is based on 3D ToF application platform.

 tof sensor module