3D ToF camera-DMOM2508CL

3D ToF camera-DMOM2508CL

DMOM2508CL is suitable for the outdoor application,with the projector wavelength 940nm,FOV72*55°,320*240 pixel resolution.Raw12 format data output via 2 lanes MIPI interface.Also all the DOMI MIPI modules can be connected to DM3006A (ISP module),that will output depth data,IR data and pointcloud directly via USB3.0 interface. The module now is largely applied in the field of robot gesture recognition,obstacle avoidance,access control & door locks,etc.


DMOM2508CL is a tiny 3D ToF camera module.The high integrated,low power consumption,high precision module is the ideal module for depth sensing applications.
DMOM2508CL can be connected to DMOM3006A for data processing,then depth data output via USB3.0 is available.


DMOM2508CL 3D ToF camera module product application

  • Face recognition and face motion tracking;
  • 3D reconstruction;
  • AR/VR;
  • Hand and fingertracking for gesture control;
  • Visual support for robot grippers;
  • Localization,tracking and identification of individuals(humans,animals);
  • People counting and motion analysis.



DMOM2508CL 3D ToF camera module product specification

No. Parameter Description
1 Sensor global shutter
2 Resolution 320*240
3 Pixel size 15um
4 Sensor Size 1/3''
5 Dimensions 21.00mm * 9.50mm * 6.33mm
6 Frame rate 10-30fps
7 Measurement range 0.2-2m
8 FOV 71.8°(H) * 56.6°(V)
9 Distortion <2.5%
10 Illumination 940nm,3W
11 Input Clock 27MHz
12 Power Supply

Sensor:3.3V single power supply,>=300mA


13 Power consumption 340mW,Typ
14 Depth accuracy <=1%/<=1cm
15 Interface MIPI CSI-2,2 lanes


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