Compact and cost-effective ToF cameras for automotive, industrial

DOMI has developed a new ToF camera DM3602B with a fully integrated infrared bandpass (IRBP) filter. This tof camera reduces design complexity and cost, while giving users more design options.
DM3602B is a QVGA resolution ToF camera that meets many application requirements, further expanding DOMI ToF sensor chip portfolio. After integrating the infrared bandpass filter, no additional bandpass filter is required, which simplifies design and manufacture, and increases the selection of suitable supporting infrared lenses.
DM3602B can be targeted for automotive applications such as driver monitoring (DMS), in-vehicle monitoring, gesture control, safety applications related to airbag deployment, head-up displays (HUD), driving attitude correction, etc., as well as industrial applications such as automated guided vehicles ( AGVs), elevator entrances and (collaborative) robots, etc.
DM3602B has QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) class resolution, and supports 940nm illumination. Configurable via I2C interface, providing CSI-2 serial data output. The sensor chip's high integration, small size, and low power consumption, combined with the integration of infrared bandpass filters, enables the design of compact and cost-effective ToF cameras for automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.