What is tof camera?How does a Time-of-Flight camera work?

what is tof camera?

Time-of-flight (ToF) cameras are comprised of a sensor that uses a tiny laser to fire out infrared light. This light bounces off anything or anyone in front of the camera and back into the sensor.The length of time the light takes to bounce back is measured and that translates to distance information that can be used to create a depth map.

How does a Time-of-Flight camera work?
Time-of-flight camera illuminates the scene with a homogenous flood of light and the camera looks at every individual pixel in the image. The sensor synchronizes with an incredibly sensitive clock that’s capable of measuring tiny variations revealed by the speed of light bouncing back. With depth information assigned to every pixel you get a rich depth map.

Time-of-Flight camera is widely used, such as mobile phones.It lends depth information that enhances portrait mode, creating a really accurate bokeh effect with the subject in sharp relief and the background blurred. But that’s not all it can do as part of a phone’s main camera.

If tof camera application in some augmented reality apps and games,tof sensor can dramatically boost the accuracy and fuse your actual environment with gameplay and characters for a whole new level of experience.