ToF camera DMOS5020 for robot vacuum of obstacle avoidance application

Small-sized ToF camera DMOS5020 is compact in size. Based on the principle of time-of-flight ranging, it emits near-infrared light through the built-in VCSEL light source, reflects the light when it encounters an object in front, and then receives the measured light's time-of-flight by the ToF receiver chip. out distance information. It is mainly used for short-range accurate ranging, such as sweepers, service robots, etc., to detect surrounding objects, walls or ground distances, and realize functions such as obstacle avoidance, wall detection, and cliff detection.

Ultra-small-size single-point ranging sensor is an emerging technology in recent years. It is well known that after the release of Apple iPhone X, the shipment of mobile phones with face recognition function has increased rapidly. Among them, single-point ranging sensor is used. It works before the face recognition device is started, which can play a role in energy saving. Not only that, the application scenarios that need to use the single-point ranging sensor on mobile phones are also gradually increasing, such as camera-assisted focusing, background blur, etc.; in other There are also many applications for single-point ranging sensors in some application scenarios, such as applications in smart homes, obstacle avoidance of robot vacuum, tablet/learning machine eye protection etc.
DMOS5020 ToF camera is such a short-range ranging sensor that can be used indoors and outdoors. It has the characteristics of high precision, small size, stable ranging, and low power consumption. It is suitable for mobile phones, tablets, robots, AR/ VR equipment, smart door locks, smart bathrooms and other scenarios can realize camera-assisted focusing, energy saving, obstacle avoidance, presence detection and other functions