What are the advantages of ToF cameras?

With the development of technology, we will often hear the saying that ToF camera. Then what exactly is a ToF camera? Equipment that uses ToF technology to image is called a ToF camera. The ToF camera uses continuous wave modulation, which compares the phase difference between the return signal of the object and the transmitted signal to obtain distance information, enabling pixel-level measurement.

The ToF chip is the core of the ToF camera. Each pixel of the ToF chip separately records the phase of incident light to and from the camera and the object. The structure of the sensor is similar to the ordinary image sensor, but it is more complicated than the image sensor. It contains 2 or more shutters to sample the reflected light at different times.

The advantage of the ToF chip is that the depth information can still complete traditional applications such as segmentation, marking, recognition, and tracking of target images. After further deepening, it can complete applications such as 3D modeling, and can quickly complete the recognition and tracking of targets.

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