Combination of ToF sensor and AR

How ToF sensor achieves photo depth of field
Principle of ToF sensor is to emit infrared rays, and in the process of reflecting on the surface of the object, the distance of the object is calculated from the speed of light, thereby achieving 3D imaging; for a human face, ToF sensor can more accurately calculate the brow bone, eye socket, The bridge of the nose, the peak of the lip and the chin, etc., the depth difference that is difficult to accurately measure with a general digital lens, but when used in long-range it can more accurately grasp the details of the real object, and then restore a more detailed depth of field effect.

How ToF sensor achieves 3D modeling
The smartphone is equipped with a tof sensor, which can calculate every detail of the object in all aspects, complete the 3D modeling and then match the application, so that the 3D imaging of the object can imitate human actions; the same is the technology of calculating after reflecting through infrared light, It just extends from the plane camera to the three-dimensional 3D modeling. The user can use the lens to measure from all directions, let the ToF sensor measure from different directions, and then reorganize the values through the built-in program of the mobile phone to achieve 3D modeling.

Combination of ToF sensor and AR
Smartphone is equipped with a tof sensor, and through this lens, a 3D model that is different from the past is constructed, which makes AR (Augmented Reality) more realistic and greatly improves the user experience. Although the mobile apps on the market that combine virtual images with the real environment are all practiced through AR, it is inevitable that there will be a problem of proportional distortion, and ToF sensor technology will be able to improve this problem.

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