ToF sensor for Distance Measurement and Gesture Recognition

Many applications require sensing the presence or distance to physical objects without touching them. This need for proximity sensing has led to many competing solutions, including optical time-of-flight (ToF) sensors. While these are accurate, they have been costly and complex to implement; but recent solutions have made the technology a lot simpler to use.

One of the alternatives to consider for proximity sensing are ToF sensors.These measure distance to a target object by timing the round trip of photons as they travel from the sensor to the object and back. To date, it’s been difficult to implement ToF designs quickly and at low cost, but new generations of highly integrated ToF sensors now make it possible to bring highly accurate to lower cost designs.

DMOE2008A is an upgraded ultra-high-performance Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor with newly-designed, suitable for precise, long-distance measurements. It provides accurate distance measurement whatever the target color and reflectivity unlike conventional technologies.


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