VGA resolution is better than QVGA ToF sensor

Many people have such a concept: the higher the pixel resolution is,the better the performance of image sensor is.And this opinion also exists in the field of ToF sensor.we have tested some ToF modules released in the market.Indeed,VGA resolution ToF sensor may have better performance in less than 1.5m distance range.But when the depth distance is further than 2m,the result differs,why?
First,let’s take a look at the table below:


The QVGA ToF sensor has greater pixel size than VGA ToF sensor,that means the pixels of QVGA ToF sensor can get more photons than that of VGA ToF sensor based on the same conditions.Using QVGA ToF sensor we can get better SNR(signal noise ratio) result in around 3 meters.
So the important things for the ToF sensor selection is estimate the application scene.

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