ToF camera technology for smart projectors

With the improvement of ToF camera technology, it has been applied to the innovation and upgrade of various products, mainly for distance detection, proximity sensing, presence detection and other scenarios that require accurate distance measurement. For example, the human body proximity recognition of smart door locks, the human eye protection of projectors or the automatic focus function when watching, the human body proximity detection of smart TVs, and so on.
DMOS5030A/5031A is an all-in-one ToF camera with high precision, after being applied to smart projectors. Whenever the projector is turned on, the distance between the projector and the screen is quickly measured, and the projector adjusts the focusing lens accordingly based on the distance information. Three challenges for such applications: the need for greater precision, tolerance to dirt or dust on the housing, etc.
DMOS5030A/5031A adopts highly sensitive SPAD, high precision TDC and built-in smear removal algorithm to solve the above problems.
In some cases where high ambient light conditions can make the projected image difficult to see, the DMOS5030A/5031A can be used to measure RGB/XYZ colors and provide RGB/XYZ values to the projector control unit. The projector will adjust to the ambient conditions based on data from the color sensor. This results in a better projected image and contrast.