Smart door locks with ToF camera

Smart door locks with integrated face recognition function allow us to return home safely and easily. When stepping into the house, the lights and air conditioners in the house are also activated and adjusted to the appropriate brightness and temperature.
DOMI provides a complete master control, wireless connection and security solution for smart door lock solutions, perfectly balancing low power consumption and high performance. Whether in strong sunlight or in the dark, DOMI 3D ToF image sensor can support the face verification function of smart door locks to work reliably.
DOMI ToF camera detects the presence of a human body within a set distance. From screens and displays, to lighting and security devices, any device within a smart home and smart building can "judge" if a user is close enough and trigger an action. The solution consists of DOMI's advanced ToF chip, which can detect static micro-motions and large motions with extremely high precision and high sensitivity. This ToF camera solution has unique advantages over traditional human presence detection technologies such as lasers.