ToF camera applied to smart door locks and combined with AI chips

ToF camera is widely used in robotics, drones, logistics, VR/AR, automotive driving assistance and other fields. In automotive driving assistance solutions, ToF camera can be applied to solid-state LiDAR systems in cars to measure objects at long distances. At the same time, it has a relatively good sensing angle, which can provide a wider range of collision detection and prevention, and better empower the field of intelligent transportation. Similarly, ToF cameras are also used in smartphones and smart door locks.
ToF face recognition camera can capture multiple depth points. It is applied to smart door locks and combined with AI chips. It can achieve sensorless unlocking in less than 2 seconds, and the misrecognition rate is very low. The layout adopts an elevation angle of 16°, a wide-angle lens of 78°, a height coverage of 1.2m to 2m, and a side face unlock within 45°. When the ToF camera is unlocked, it will be more intelligent by learning different environments and clothing changes.
Compared with traditional cameras, ToF face recognition cameras are more accurate in detection and can effectively resist attacks from photos and videos. ToF camera face recognition technology is far superior to other technologies in terms of security, recognition accuracy, and recognition speed, and is an ideal solution for smart door locks.