Advantages of using TOF sensor for distance measurement

There are many advantages of using ToF sensor for distance measurement.It is not affected by humidity, air pressure and environment in measurement applications.ToF sensors are flexible as they can be able to detect near and far objects of various shapes and sizes.

Precise and Fast Measurements

Compared to other distance sensors like ultrasonic or laser, Time of flight sensors is able to compose a 3D image of a scene very quickly. For example, ToF cameras are able to do that in just one shot. Not only that, ToF sensors are able to accurately detect objects in the short timing and is unaffected by humidity, air pressure and temperature making it suitable for outdoor and indoor use.

Long Range

Tof sensor are high-resolution ToF cameras to get depth image.they are able to measure long distances and ranges with great precision too. For example,our DMOE2008A can reach up to 10m!
It is also flexible in a sense as you are able to customize the optics of your system for optimal performance where you can select emitter and receiver types and lensing to obtain your desired field of view.

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