3D ToF camera DMOE2008BL used for long-distance ranging

DOMI's brand-new 3D ToF camera DMOE2008BL, compared with the previous generation product, has been further reduced in size while maintaining high performance, and has reached industrial-grade standards. This series has also passed a number of application tests. can provide high-precision positioning, and at the same time, the cost and volume have been greatly optimized.
From the perspective of internal structure, the 3D ToF camera DMOE2008BL is no different from the tof camera released before. It has sensors, signal processing, and various temperature compensation calibrations. Although it is small in size, it still adopts a differentiated structure internally, which achieves very good vibration suppression characteristics and can be applied to fields such as drones, People counting and motion analysis, and 3D reconstruction.
Powerful chip self-research capability is the core competitiveness of DOMI. ToF Sensor chip, VCSEL laser driver chip and ToF intelligent image processing chip three chip product lines are three-in-one, and they are linked to each other to build a solid foundation for ToF applications. Integrated hardware and application algorithms form an integrated solution, making complex ToF applications simple.