DMOS5020 is an all-in-one system level solution for ranger array applications. It is based on 3D ToF application platform.


DMOS5020 is an all-in-one system level solution for ranger array applications. It is based on 3D ToF application platform. With the ranging algorithm integrated, DMOS5020 tof sensor module outputs high quality 25x25 resolution ranging array data via UART interface to host processor. The high integration, low power consumption, high flexibility and easy-to-use make it an ideal solution for IoT applications.

DMOS5020 tof sensor module Features

Fully integrated solution
−Integrated 850nm emitter and optics
−Integrated ToF processor for advanced ranging data processing
−25 x 25 ranger array

Accurate long distance ranging
−Up to 5m range
−Less than 2% deviation over full measurement range

Class-1 laser eye safety
−Auto laser turn-off against abnormality

Easy system integration
−Single 5V power supply
−UART for configuration and data transmission

Small form-factor
−23 x 23 x 4.6 (mm)


DMOS5020  tof sensor module applications

Proximity detection
Distance measurement
Gesture recognition
Auto-focus for cameras and projectors
Smart building and smart lighting
Smart shelves and vending machines


DMOS5020  tof sensor module Key Specifications

Parameter Description
Sensor Global shutter
Resolution 25 x 25
Dimensions (L x W x H)
23.0mm x 23.0mm x 4.6mm
Refreshing period 1 sec
Measurement range 0.2m – 5.0m
FOV 70°(H) x 70°(V)
Emitter 850nm

Power consumption
Peak current < 500mA, Average current < 200mA
Depth deviation <= 2% 1
Interface  UART


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